Heather Bambrick: the JUNOS

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Heather Bambrick: the JUNOS

It’s with immeasurable pride and more than a little “teenage-girl-squealishness” that I announce:  You’ll Never Know has been nominated for a 2017 Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year!!  We received the news at the Juno Awards Nominations media conference on Tuesday, February 9!!

As is usually the case, it’s a tough and very talented category, with some incredible creative ability among my fellow nominees:  Amanda Tosoff (Words), Barbra Lica (I’m Still Learning), Bria Skonberg (Bria), and Matt Dusk & Florence K (Quiet Nights).  Having played tracks from all of these recordings on Jazz FM, I can safely say they’re all wonderful and I’m thrilled to be included in such terrific company!

The experience of being at the nomination media event was pretty amazing.  Once the nominees were announced, we were all whisked away to the media area for interviews.  As you can imagine, the Jazz nominees were immediately bombarded by media, all clamouring to ask us how we felt, what this meant for our careers, and who we were wearing.  (Ok, so maybe that “Weekend” guy received a wee bit more attention than us Jazzers … as did the hipster-beard-sporting Alt Rock guys – who seemed to drop their smiles as soon as the camera was focused on them – and the guy in the cowboy hat and boots – whom I can only assume was a Country nominee –  who was working hard to alter his accent from Calgary suburb to Austin City Limits through each and every interview.  But other than that, it was ALL about the Jazz!)

With interviews (yes, that’s plural!) all finished, I was handed my gift bag.  You’ve all heard the stories of the glamorous offerings presented to nominees at awards events like these.  Well, this was no different.  Each and every nominee was given … wait for it … a pillow!  And not just a throw pillow.  It was a “nighty-night-sleepy-time” pillow!  Yes, the perfect reward to balance out the tens of thousands of dollars you’ve just invested into your latest music project, which will be downloaded for fractions of a cent per play:  a pillow!!  Perfect for lying awake on, night after night, wondering why you ever got into the music business in the first place!  (Actually, all joking aside:  it’s a FANTASTIC pillow!  Seriously – I love it!  That’s my kinda goody-bag!)

So, it looks like we’ll be heading to Ottawa for a star-studded, fun-filled weekend of music, schmoozing, and generally basking in the glory of being presented with this huge honour!  (Yes, it’s true what they say:  it really is fantastic just to be nominated.  Now, don’t get me wrong:  I’m not gonna turn the trophy down, should they decide to give it to me, but still...)

If I may get serious for a moment, my fellow musicians and I don’t create our art for the purposes of garnering glory, laud, and awards.  We make music because we are drawn into it and/or called to do it.  We don’t choose music … it chooses us, and without it, we’re miserable.  It’s the reason we wake every morning with a yearning to do nothing else only immerse ourselves in song.  It’s the reason we start each year, each month, each week hoping our work will pay us enough to live a comfortable life, supporting ourselves and our families.  It’s the reason we couldn’t possibly imagine doing anything else.  And then, when an honour like this comes along – where other folks in the industry determine that the culmination of our artistic efforts is worthy of being held up as something of note – well, let’s just say it feels pretty darned fabulous!

So, thank you to CARAS, the Juno Awards, and all of those folks in the industry who took a listen to this little ol’ CD of mine and decided that it was worth being considered for an honour like this.  I’m beyond grateful.

And with that, I’ll begin prepping for Juno Week … starting with my diet.